About Us


Our vision is to be a powerful force in the engineering industry, providing superior technical solutions to our customers. This will be achieved through our leading brands of quality products and the best technical skills available. We strive to be a focused organization of people trained and dedicated to offering our customers brilliant service.


 To offer one source of supply to the replacement, resale and OEM markets, through a network of strategically situated branches, To ensure correct selection and operation of products, in the interests of striving for total customer satisfaction; to provide technical resources, design and advice services. To deliver the correct component at the right time, from a large and comprehensive inventory of quality branded products to customers operating a cross the broad spectrum of industry. To provide a 24-hour service throughout the year to satisfy the requirements of continuous process and multi-shift operations.


To employ highly experienced and knowledgeable staff capable of serving the needs of our customers and their industry requirements. To equip our staff with necessary skills required to meet the future growth, market and service demands of Powerdrive Engineering. To treat Powerdrive Engineering’s most important assets, its employees, with the respect deserving of professionals in their field, acknowledging their capabilities and recognizing their achievements. To involve all employees in the achievement of the mission statement.

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