Our Journey

Through the consistent expansion of our operations since 2006 we have grown to become one of Zimbabwe’s largest specialist distributor of engineering components. Powerdrive Engineering is strategically positioned to service all sectors of industry including agriculture, mining, petrochemical, sugar, paper, and general engineering, as well as the automotive and domestic sectors.

Our new vision is to be an integral part of the productivity and operations of each customer’s  business. By providing technical solutions that optimize productivity, Powerdrive Engineering will make a difference to the efficiencies of every plant. The company will continue to supply  leading brands of quality products, supported by world-class technical skills.

Skills training, programs which encompasses strong focus on technical skills, selling and service skills, as well as management and financial skills, will empower staff to help drive and deliver  specific business objectives. Powerdrive Engineering has secure and exclusive supply, service and distribution agreements with some of the world’s most respected manufacturers of leading engineering components. Immediate availability of a comprehensive range of quality branded products sets the company apart in a highly competitive industry.


The Powerdrive Engineering circle is formed by the precise interlocking of three identical arcs, each representing a fundamental aspect of the Powerdrive Engineering offering:

Quality Components:

As a single, unified entity, we now make it easier and simpler for our customer to source the widest range of high quality brands. From the smallest fastener to the largest geared motor, customers know that they can rely on any and every component in the diverse. Powerdrive Engineering catalogue. Just as the whole is only strengthened by the sum of its parts, so too is Powerdrive Engineering.

Technical Expertise:

Our Academy of Excellence will empower our staff with the expertise and insight needed to advice our customers on the component strategies best suited to their specific industry challenges. We are not merely in the business of delivering components. We strive to offer customer-focused solutions by…

·         Asking the right questions

·         Considering the bigger picture

·         Recommending components that will keep our customers’ machinery operating at an optimal level

Superior service:

At Powerdrive Engineering we believe that our customers also play an integral part in maintaining the inner-working of our machine. That’s why we are committed to ensuring that we truly understand our clients’specificneedsanddeliveronthemwiththehighestqualityproductsintheshortestpossibletime.


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